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iPad Specifications


All iPads are compatible with the Great Southern Grammar network, however to ensure the device is fast and responsive under a wide range of situations in the classroom we recommend an iPad Air as a minimum.

iPad Cover

To reduce the chance of damage to the device it is recommended students use a rubberised hard cover for their iPad. This is generally a requirement by most insurance companies. Great Southern Grammar recommends the Griffin Survivor or STM DUX case.


An app catalog is available for Middle School through our iPad Portal. The app purchases will not exceed $40 over the course of the year. Some specialist subjects will provide redemption codes allowing specialised apps to be downloaded free of charge.

Purchase Options

Option 1: Provide your own iPad. It is strongly recommended that you insure your iPad in case of damage. Some parents may be able to salary sacrifice the device through their employer - please consult with your tax accountant.

Option 2: Purchase your iPad locally - Great Southern Grammar has provided specification details to Solutions IT. They are able to provide complete iPad packages, including AppleCare extended warranty, to parents and students that will meet the School's requirements. Online ordering will be available through our local supplier Solutions IT. Please visit the Solutions IT purchasing portal - and enter our school code 'greatsouthern2017'.

Configuring your iPad

Watch our video tutorial on how to configure your iPad to work with the Great Southern Grammar network.