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Senior School Technology Programme

At the start of Term 1, 2016 your child will be provided with a Microsoft Surface touch enabled Windows device to be used throughout their senior schooling at Great Southern Grammar. The Microsoft Surface device has been selected to ensure it is capable of meeting all educational requirements both in the classroom and at home.

The device allows for handwriting and touch input, and can also be used in traditional laptop mode with a keyboard and trackpad.


Our agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which students must follow as part of the program. When you are ready, please review our agreement form on MyGSG.

Device Collection

New Microsoft Surface's can be collected from the Library at the start of Term 1. You must ensure that you have reviewed and submitted our agreement form before students can collect their devices.

Warranty and Device Protection

The school purchases all devices with comprehensive warranty and hardware support. Devices are also insured, and in the case of damage or loss not covered by warranty there is a $250 excess fee. The IT Department will maintain a loan pool of laptops to minimise any impact on your child's learning.