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Football (Soccer) Support Group

Welcome to the GSG Football (Soccer) Support Group's webpage, your one-stop-shop information portal on all things relevant to football at Great Southern Grammar.

To keep parents up to date with what is happening in the school soccer community we require the support of parents, coaches and players to keep us informed of newsworthy stories. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email [email protected].

Fundamental to the game of football is fair play. It represents the positive benefits of playing by the rules, using common sense and respecting fellow players, referees, opponents and supporters.

For the good of the game, always:

  1. Play to win
  2. Play fair
  3. Observe the laws of the game
  4. Respect opponents, team mates, referees, officials and spectators
  5. Accept defeat with dignity
  6. Promote the interests of football
  7. Reject corruption, drugs, racism, violence and other dangers to the sport
  8. Help others to resist corrupting pressures
  9. Avoid discrediting the sport
  10. Honour those who defend football’s good reputation


GSG Soccer Canteen

Being part of the Albany Soccer Association requires each club to host the Soccer Canteen once per season. The GSG Soccer Canteen has a reputation for being one of the best for home baked goods for sale.

Please support our efforts to raise valuable funds for Great Southern Grammar through the Soccer Canteen. Your team manager will be in contact in 2015 for you to fill a spot on the roster and/or a kind donation of baked goods.

The raffle was a popular addition to the GSG canteen and new suggestions are welcomed for this year's theme. Funds are used to buy new equipment.

Tips and Drills

The Cruyff Turn
This famous soccer move, named after former Dutch footballer Hendrik Johannes Cruijff (better known as Johan Cruyff or the total footballer) involves the element of disguise, fooling players into thinking the ball is headed in a direction that it is inevitably not. 
View a video of the Cruyff Turn or

The Matthews Move
Named after English footballer, Sir Stanley Matthews, the Matthews Move uses a two step move that fools the defender into thinking you are about to make a pass or shot to the inside when in fact you push the ball to the outside. 
View a video of the Matthew Move or

Rules and Regulations

Knowing and playing by the rules of the game is important for all involved: players, coaches, parents and spectators. The Albany Junior Soccer Association's website contains information about the rules and by laws that govern the game.

To complete a free online training module on the basic introduction to the laws of the game please click here for more information.

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