Every day is an adventure as our youngest students jump feet-first into school

Pre-kindy to Year Two

In our Early Childhood Centre, our priority is partnering with you and your family. Together, we’ll create and share learning experiences that excite and enrich your child. Each day, we’ll welcome your child to a fun, warm, safe environment — where they can be their beautiful self. At every age, curiosity sparks learning. That’s why we design our learning environments around the students’ interests and create learning spaces to encourage exploration.

The work of childhood

Your young child is primed to learn, and research shows that play is the best way to make it happen. With that research and years of experience under our belts, we incorporate play into everything we do in the Early Childhood Centre.

When your child plays, questions, problem-solving and critical analysis happen naturally. Practising these skills through play each day lays the foundation upon which your child can become a passionate, life-long learner. Not only that, learning through play will help your child form strong bonds and a sense of belonging in the classroom.

The space to explore

At GSG, nature is a big part of our Early Childhood programme. Spending time each week in the Wild Space and accessing the natural environment on campus will connect your child to nature, help consolidate their learning, and, best of all, it’s great fun!

Our 144 acre campus and connection to Miaritch / Oyster Harbour mean there’s always something to explore — and plenty of space to do just that.