Farming for the future

The size and diversity of our campus is something that surprises new parents and students every day.

From wetlands to bushlands and waterfront access — there’s so much space and diversity at GSG to enrich your child’s work and play.

But did you know that our campus is also home to a 50-acre working farm?

There’s so much to learn on the farm (even if your child doesn’t plan to make a career out of it). Here are just a few ways we use our natural resources to bring learning to life for your child:

  • Agriculture and technology: understanding where food comes from and how technology can support sustainable farming
  • Caring for our diverse environment: conservation areas within the farm mean your child will learn about revegetation and land care
  • Ethical animal care: our herds of Pedigree Dexters and Pedigree Angus cows give your child a chance to care for and interact with animals
  • Building sustainable enterprises: creating their own enterprise will help your child learn about planning, sustainability, cooperation, and innovation
  • Diversification: access to our market garden, beehives, vineyard, aquaculture facilities, and poultry house will give them a taste of the many possibilities in modern farming

Sustainability, responsibility, entrepreneurship

Starting in Junior School, your child will have the chance to grow vegetables in one of our five 100 square metre market gardens. Using Design Thinking strategies, they’ll ask and answer their own questions when it comes to farming.

In Middle School, your child will jump into Project-Based Learning. After a taster course in Year Seven, your child may decide to choose Agriculture as an elective in Years Eight to Ten.

Projects are student-led. Your child will be guided through the process of posing a question, investigating, and reporting on their findings. Incubating eggs, caring for chickens, looking after bees, or learning about aquaponics are great ways for your child to learn about:

  • Innovation in farming
  • Animal welfare
  • Enterprise sustainability
  • Valuing their product
  • Caring for crops and living creatures

At the end of the year, Agriculture students participate in an exhibition — a great chance for your child to show off their amazing idea!

In Senior School, we offer a Year 10 Agriculture elective. This course is all about using science and technology to support sustainable farming. Current Year 10 students are using drones to map whole paddocks — giving them clear information about every square metre.

For WACE students, Animal Production Systems covers nine main topics and sets your child up for further study. If your child has their eye on a career in Agribusiness, Agronomy, Farming, or an Apprenticeship, studying Agriculture in Senior School is a great place to start.

If you’re keen to know more about our innovative Agriculture program, book a tour today!