With so many positive pathways, we cater to your child's unique interests and abilities

By the time they reach Senior School, your child will be on the final leg of their journey towards higher education and the workforce.

They’ll be developing personal independence and starting to make choices about their academic pathway. Not only that, they’ll be building an idea of what success looks like to them — and making plans to bring that idea to life.

Year Ten is an exciting and important year in your child’s learning. As they start their journey in the Senior School they’ll be exposed to a new world of opportunities. Personal development and increasing choices sit alongside our focus on each child following their passions and developing their talents. Year Tens head into the workplace on Work Experience supported by our specialist Careers Team, and on outdoor expeditions such as Outward Bound and sailing on the Leeuwin. Our pastoral care team will guide your teen in their academic and social development to discover their potential as they start on their journey towards Years Eleven and Twelve.

At Great Southern Grammar, your child will choose a distinct pathway for Years Eleven and Twelve. Each pathway is constructive and tailored to your child’s needs and interests.

We're here to help

Year Eleven and Twelve pathways can feel confusing and overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Using data collected from Senior School teachers, as well as input from you and your child, our Heads of House provide support to each student as they make choices about their studies.

Your child’s progress is carefully monitored, so when the time comes, we can cater the most appropriate pathway to your child’s needs.

With a broad range of offerings including Certificate IV in Business, a UniReady enabling programme, vocational training, or a rich choice of ATAR courses, your child has the space and choice to grow into their own future.