Your home for connection, care, and community

With four individual houses on our 144 acre campus, your child will have easy access to the outdoors and will have daily opportunities to connect with nature.

Each GSG boarding house is managed by live-in Boarding Supervisors. These are responsible, highly trained individuals, whose only focus is the wellbeing of the students in their care.

On any given weekend either of the Heads of Boarding is onsite, along with another Head of House. In partnership with weekend Boarding Supervisors, they’ll oversee your child’s recreation activities and care for your child when they “stay in” (this is boarding-speak for staying at school) over the weekend.

Most residential students have single rooms, with some houses featuring double rooms for younger students. Each house includes a kitchen, bedrooms, ample facilities, and a comfortable lounge area for students.

During your tour, you’ll see that the students love to make the boarding house their own — decorating with posters, plants, and cosy rugs to make the boarding house a home.