2024 and 2025 Scholarships

We are accepting applications for the 2024 and 2025 Spirit of Grammar Scholarship and the NEW 2025 Rural Scholarship and encourage you to apply.

Applications for John Gilmour Academic Scholarships and Music Scholarships have now closed.

At Great Southern Grammar, we believe access to educational opportunity is for all.

GSG is a diverse learning community where we choose inclusion and shape a deep sense of belonging for all students. Success is defined by every student as they embark on a journey of discovery. Scholarships acknowledge those students who demonstrate excellence in their academic endeavours and have a proven record of service and citizenship in their community.

Scholarships also provide students with an independent school education who may not ordinarily have access for social or financial reasons. GSG is committed to a comprehensive scholarship program that recognises the unique talents and gifts of students.

A model student at Great Southern Grammar is of good character and proud of their school. They live the school values of integrity, respect, compassion and commitment and contribute to all aspects of school life and the broader Great Southern community. We welcome your interest in the school’s scholarship program, and we encourage you and your family to explore the possibilities outlined on the website. Alternatively, you can contact our Community Relations Manager, Julia Bairstow, for a personalised conversation or tour via julia.bairstow@gsg.wa.edu.au.

Please note that if you are a Visa holder, eligibility criteria may apply. Please email Community Relations Manager Julia Bairstow for further information.