We all know children learn best when they are happy

We are all about celebrating your child’s strengths and providing support for them to grow in a community where each child’s unique identity is recognised and nurtured. Children are given space and support to grow their academic, emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

From our Counsellor to classroom teachers, our Chaplain and on to specialist support staff, here at GSG we have people and practices dedicated to your child’s wellbeing. Our pastoral care structures start in the Junior School, with a learning program that builds positive attitudes, character traits and social-emotional skills. In morning meetings, assemblies, classroom lessons and in the playground, children are encouraged to build positive, caring relationships and develop their own skills.

As students move into Middle and Senior School, we know that adolescence can throw some curve balls at our teens. Opportunities for change, choice and challenge lie at the heart of our pastoral care program. Our homeroom teachers and Heads of Year keep a watchful eye on developing the minds and hearts of our Middle Schoolers. Our comprehensive program starts with transition activities and moves into social skills (who knew teenagers might need some support with this!), Teen Mental Health First Aid and scenarios for keeping safe.

As students move into Senior School young people form a special bond with a homeroom teacher and Head of House who will follow them on their journey from Year Ten to Twelve. Your child’s homeroom teacher is dedicated to knowing what works (and doesn’t!) for a developing brain and body, and they are a key contact point for you as parents. We want to make sure you are right with us as we work with you to guide your teen.

Along the way, we help them to spread their wings, giving them space to grow and, eventually, fly.