Children learn best when they feel seen

Celebrating your child’s strengths and nurturing their unique identity is part of the culture of Great Southern Grammar. And during their time at GSG, we’ll give them the space and support they need to grow: academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

People and practices

At GSG, we prioritise wellbeing from the start. With an on-site counselor, experienced classroom teachers, specialist support staff and full time Chaplain, our wellbeing framework is strong.

In Primary School, the focus is on your child’s own understanding of the character traits that make them unique. Celebrating each other’s skills and talents makes for a supportive community—and a safe place to learn, take risks, and grow. As they work through the wellbeing programme, your child builds resilience, positive attitudes, and socio-emotional skills that serve them for life.

Wellbeing is integrated into everything your child does at GSG. Morning meetings, assemblies, classroom activities, and playground activities are daily opportunities to create positive, caring relationships and develop their skills.

The transition into Secondary School is exciting. But—let’s face it—adolescence can be challenging for anyone! As your child moves through the change, choice, and challenges of it all, our team is here to help:

  • homeroom teachers and Heads of Year keep a watchful eye on your child’s social and academic development offering early and effective support
  • a strong focus on navigating social pressures will give your child a range of tools to stay safe and healthy
  • teen Mental Health First Aid helps to normalise the ups and downs of adolescence, as well as giving your child the evidence-based best practices to support a friend if they need it

Your child’s homeroom teacher and Head of House become their supporters until they graduate. They are also the key contact point for you as parents. For growing brains and bodies, our staff are keen to work with you and your family towards the best possible outcomes for your teenager.