The space to learn

From Early Childhood to Year Twelve, Great Southern Grammar’s subschools grow with your family.

Our waterfront campus, just 16km from Albany WA, offers a safe, warm atmosphere, and our welcoming teachers and student body make GSG the perfect learning environment.

Our doors are open for students from Pre Kindy to Year Twelve and their academic, social, and emotional wellbeing is our top priority.

With different learning and life stages come different developmental needs. That’s why our 144 acre campus is home to three distinct subschools:

Early Childhood

Pre-Kindy to Year Two

In Early Childhood, every day is an adventure

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Junior School

Years Three to Six

In Junior School, we develop curiosity, creativity and critical thinking

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Middle School

Years Seven to Nine

In Middle School, we embrace change, choice, and challenge

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Senior School

Years Ten to Twelve

In Senior School, we consolidate and prepare for adult life

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Whole-school initiatives

As a GSG student, your child’s learning experiences are curated with a focus on learning and growth.

Through engaging lessons, they’ll learn the literacy, numeracy, and technology skills they need as they grow up. But what we’ve learnt over the last decade is the importance of more intangible competencies.

These skills — things like creativity, critical thinking, intercultural understanding, and ethical behaviour — are equally important to this generation of students as they navigate life and (eventually!) the workplace.

Your child, alongside their peers and their teachers, will go through a process of learning that fosters the academic skills they need as they grow. Lessons are interwoven with the competencies that will help them become informed, agile, compassionate humans — ready to thrive at school and beyond.

Learning in faith

As a non-denominational Christian school, our lessons, interactions, and relationships are built on the principles of the Christian faith.

Your child will have an opportunity to explore issues of faith, spirituality, and values in a kind, inclusive environment.

Teaching enthusiasm

At Great Southern Grammar, we believe that your child deserves teachers who are excited to be at school. Our caring teachers and support staff bring an incredible wealth of knowledge, subject expertise, and life experience to school with them each day.

You’ll see that when your child connects with a kind, caring teacher, incredible learning can happen.

Supportive, respectful, enriching learning experiences for every age and stage

In partnership with you and your family, Great Southern Grammar provides a broad and balanced education. Whole-school and Sub-school initiatives are designed to:

  • Expose your child to a world of opportunities
  • Help them become the person they’re meant to be
  • Develop the skills they need to thrive, academically and socially

Starting from our very youngest, we meet students where they are. That means accepting their gifts and challenges as part of the fabric of what makes them unique.

As a student at GSG, your child has access to our Learning Enrichment programs. With years of experience, your child’s teachers and pastoral care team are well placed to identify whether students need support or extension. Parents are a big part of this process — after all, you know your child best.

GSG Learning Enrichment staff work with all parents, classroom teachers, specialists, and students to ensure that every student has supportive, understanding, and dignified access to the Australian Curriculum.

Our Gifted Education Coordinator and classroom teachers provide extension to learning, at just the right time. In the classroom, in specialist programmes, and through participation in competitions and collaborations.