Our leadership team

A team of dedicated educators work in partnership with the School Council to create a welcoming environment at Great Southern Grammar. With a focus on academic rigour, community development, and knowing every child, the Leadership Team is here to help your child shine during their years at Great Southern Grammar.

Mr Mark Sawle | Principal

For 35 years, I’ve been involved in education. In fact, it’s in my blood — my Dad was a Principal and two of my children are teachers. My career in education has taken me to Sydney and Perth, and I’ve been GSG’s proud principal since 2017.

Together with the Leadership Team and under the governance of the School Council, I’m accountable for day-to-day teaching and learning at GSG. That means supporting our incredible team of educators and administrators to be the absolute best we can — because that’s what’s best for your children.

Not only that, it’s my job to ensure our school continues to thrive, long into the future.

In my spare time, I’m a keen surfer, hiker, and coffee drinker. I’m always looking for new trails to explore, so please don’t hesitate to share your favourites!

Mrs Emma Franklin | Deputy Principal

As Deputy Principal, I’m all about making sure our students love to learn. That means creating a school environment which encourages exploration and growth for all our learners; and my students will tell you there’s a fair amount of fun on the way.

As an avowed curriculum nerd I love to spend time with colleagues prioritising and poring over results with a fine-toothed comb to make sure each child experiences success. I also manage communication, daily events, the school calendar, staff and student safety. In short, it’s my job to make sure your children are safe at school, and that they’re learning.

Outside school, I’m a food tragic — I love to cook and learn new techniques. Spending time with my family at the beach and exploring the world also bring me joy.

I’m genuinely enthusiastic about procedures and processes that make GSG an even happier place to be, so if you have a question or suggestion, my door is always open.

Mr Andrew Orr | Business Manager

In the early 2000s, I was a tax accountant in a large firm. Then I got itchy feet.

I hopped in the Magna and set off around Australia. When I arrived in Albany in 2001, I was hooked. For a bushwalking, mountain biking, ocean-loving sports fan, I felt like I’d found the promised land. I soon found work with a builder — and our main project was building Great Southern Grammar.

In 2017, after gaining experience in retail and agribusiness, I made my triumphant return to GSG as Business Manager. These days, I work to ensure the success of the school through sound financial management, risk management, and governance.

Mr Ken Raven | Head of Junior School

As Head of Junior School, I’m honoured to help foster a learning environment that is welcoming, exciting and buzzing with activity. I have a passion for building innovative learning programs that bring learning to life through connections with the real world and our students' interests. Sparking curiosity, inviting exploration and creating opportunities to share our learning drives our Junior School culture.

Outside of school, my family and I enjoy spending time outdoors. We visit the local beach regularly, ride mountain bikes and walk trails in National Parks.

Mr Adam Scott | Head of Middle School

It’s no secret that the early adolescent years can be a challenge. But I’ve been a Middle School teacher and administrator long enough to know that there’s a huge amount of gold in the hills of adolescence.

Our Middle School is filled with curious, hilarious, kind human beings who care for each other and the community. They have ideas and opinions, and my role is to create an environment in which each student’s gifts are recognised.

As Head of Middle School, I work to nourish each child's pastoral and academic well-being in Years Seven to Nine. As a sub-school, our aim is to guide and support students to be creative, challenge themselves, and explore new ideas.

I love the camaraderie of the sports field and I’ve been involved in hockey (playing, coaching, and administration) for most of my life. Getting out in nature and enjoying the beauty of the South Coast (along with my dog, Maui) is another one of my favourite weekend activities.

Mrs Victoria Turnor | Head of Senior School

As Head of Senior School, I have the privilege of helping students develop and realise their dreams. By offering a rich variety of pathways, almost anything is possible and there are often several ways of achieving an end goal! In Years Ten to Twelve, students mature and gain a whole range of skills almost without realising it, from time management to leadership to building effective relationships and I love showing them and reminding them of how brilliant they already are.

Away from school, I am a keen musician and can be found playing the bass clarinet as a long-standing member of the Albany City Wind Ensemble. I have also loved playing in the bands of our school productions.