Fueling growing bodies and minds

Fresh, healthy food (and plenty of it!) gives our boarders a great start to each day.

It’s no secret — feeding growing teenagers is a tall order. To meet their energy needs, your child needs wholesome, tasty, home-cooked food to fuel them throughout the day.

The GSG Catering team and Boarding Supervisors understand that between school work, sport, music practice, and socialising, nutrition can sometimes fall by the wayside for young people.

As a boarder, your child will have access to a variety of seasonal fresh, nutritious foods across the day, including all meals and snacks. We cater for many common dietary requirements, and there is plenty of food available.

During the week, they’ll have breakfast and dinner in the dining hall, and choose from several lunch options each day.

Our menus change regularly, to take advantage of local in-season produce — we’re sure your child will find a favourite!