Great Southern Grammar is governed by the School Council, consisting of the following members:

  • Mrs Fran Leary (Chair and Chair of Finance)
  • Ms Sarah Wright (Deputy Chair)
  • Mrs Anne Hey
  • Mr Cameron Clifford
  • Mrs Kylie Smith
  • Mr Ian Clarke
  • Mr Simon Thomas
  • Mr Mark Sawle (Principal) (ex-officio)
  • Mr Andrew Orr (Business Manager) (ex-officio)

The Principal reports to the School Council on a monthly basis about the operational running of the school.

The School Council is accountable for four specified areas:
  • Development and implementation of an effective strategic direction for the school;
  • Development and implementation of effective processes to plan for, monitor and achieve improvements in student learning;
  • Effective management of the school’s financial resources in accordance, where relevant, with any purposes for which they are provided; and
  • Compliance with all written and other laws that apply to and in respect of the school and the operation of the school.