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Great Southern Grammar is a licensed Award Unit for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an exciting, world-wide programme for young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years designed to stretch their imaginations, try different things, set new challenges and achieve goals beyond their expectations. It requires commitment and perseverance, but it is also about flexibility, choice, fun and reward.

At GSG The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a framework for the excellent sporting, volunteer, music, fitness and adventurous activities students are already doing within the school and the wider community.

The Duke of Ed Award is a way of formalising these activities and rewarding students for their achievements with a qualification that is recognised by colleges and universities in their selection processes, and by employers across Australia, and worldwide.

There are three Award levels and students can choose their level of entry. Each Award level is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority-endorsed programme and can be used towards students' WA Certificate of Education (WACE). GSG hopes that its students, especially those with leadership responsibilities, will participate in the Award.

The Award is not a competition, it is a personal challenge.

Why Join the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

  • Engage in positive and constructive activities;

  • Develop initiative, reliability, leadership, determination and enterprise;

  • Increase self-confidence and leadership ability;

  • Actively participate within the community;

  • Increase physical activity;

  • Work as part of a team;

  • Meet like-minded, adventurous and achievement-focused people. Doors will open to you through a widening network;

  • The certificate you receive after completion of each level is signed by The Duke of Edinburgh and the badge is prestigious and can be worn with pride; and

  • Have fun.

What is Required?

Minimum age to commence                       

  • Bronze: 14 years
  • Silver: 15 years
  • Gold: 16 years
    Activities in each field below are undertaken substantially out of school hours. Bronze, silver and gold categories require continuous and regular activity, with a minimum of one hour per week or two hours per fortnight.

Service: Demonstrate responsibility to the community.

  • Bronze: Three months
  • Silver:  Six months
  • Gold: Twelve months                                             

Skill: Unleash your talents and broaden your abilities.

  • Bronze: Three months
  • Silver:  Six months
  • Gold: Twelve months 

Physical Recreation: Break a sweat, improve physical fitness and get active.     

  • Bronze: Three months
  • Silver:  Six months
  • Gold: Twelve months

One of the above fields, plus an additional:  

  • Bronze: Three months
  • Silver:  Conditions apply
  • Gold: Conditions apply

Adventurous Journey: Develop a spirit of discovery, team work, self-reliance and environmental consciousness.

  • Bronze: Practice journey of two days and one night, plus a qualifying journey of two days and one night
  • Silver:  Practice journey of three days and two nights, plus a qualifying journey of three days and two nights        
  • Gold: Practice journey of four days and three nights, plus a qualifying journey of four days and three nights

Residential Project

  • Bronze: Not applicable
  • Silver:  Not applicable
  • Gold: Five days and four nights 

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