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Outdoor Expeditions

The Outdoor Expedition Programme encourages students to develop their social and leadership skills, build teamwork, develop self-reliance and challenge themselves both physically and mentally.

Students from Years Seven to Ten are involved in a sequential programme of camps, specifically designed for the GSG curriculum.

Operating in varied outdoor environments and participating in expedition and adventurous activities provides students with opportunities to:

  • Develop an appreciation of Australia’s varied natural environments;
  • Develop environmentally sensitive camping and expedition skills;
  • Extend their learning environment beyond the classroom; 
  • Experience personal challenge and growth; and
  • Develop greater understanding of interdependence with others.

Outdoor Expedition Programme Outline

Year Seven: Students participate in a two to three day base camp programmes with a focus on environmental education, self reliance and social responsibility. Initiative games and short expeditions provide physical and social challenges and opportunities to develop environmentally sensitive camping and navigation skills.

Year Eight: Students take part in a five day programme of base camp adventure activities and expeditions with a focus on self confidence, social skills, service and environmental responsibility. Students develop and rely on navigation skills to complete extended day hiking expeditions.

Year Nine: Participation in this challenging five-day Outward Bound rafting expedition provides physical and mental challenges to develop greater understanding of interdependence within a group. Students put into practice navigation, expedition and minimal impact camping skills in a bush setting and undertake personal challenges presented by a high ropes course.

Year Ten: As an extension of previous Outward Bound experiences, this five-day expedition presents students with the opportunity to develop the concepts of self reliance and interdependence. Groups refine navigation skills, and plan and prepare for this challenging extended expedition. Preparation includes the challenge of the high ropes course and initiative activities. Students then independently undertake their expedition in the company of a group instructor and teacher.

Year Eleven: Students are offered the opportunity to undertake a seven-day hiking and rafting expedition with Outward Bound Australia. Previous experience and preparation provides students with skills and confidence to take charge of this final challenge. This extended expedition provides considerable challenges and opportunities for all participants to develop leadership skills, independence and teamwork.