See what our parents say about GSG

The pastoral care provided by the staff at GSG is exemplary. Staff understand that all students have different learning needs, and work closely with parents and students to address individual requirements across all areas of schooling. GSG offers much more than quality education for students; It offers a sense of belonging to a community for the entire family. Jo Wegner, Parent

We have selected GSG over other schools for our kids due to the variety of education options they offer. They are able to provide options for whatever pathway my kids will choose in the future, from academic to farming to horticulture to hospitality to music and arts. They even have their own vineyard.

The early learning facilities and staff are marvellous. They manage to make school a fun place to go to (can I just say WILDSPACE!) and provide a fantastic foundation for what’s to come. The staff do their best to make the school a community. I can see the effects when I bring my young son to the school bus and every other grammar kid looks out for him and the little ones. The Parents and Friends functions and Dads in the Great Southern events provide a link for the parents to belong as well, rather than just being involved at pick up and drop off. Manuel Grosshans, Parent

Both our boys commenced GSG in Kindergarten. Not having to change schools during their school journey was an advantage in terms of stability, consistency and feeling part of an established community with long-standing traditions and strong values such as embrace who you are, give of yourself, and be involved.

If your family chooses to ‘lean in’ and participate, it is easy to be involved at GSG. So many opportunities are available for well-rounded, active kids through participation and exposure activities: academics, sports, music and arts activities like science exams, soccer, jazz band, art exhibits and concerts, and extra-curricular activities like lego, knitting and fishing, to name only a few. Even activities for the parents, like international cooking classes and assisting with the grape harvest. The GSG team does a great job, both in traditional activities like the sports carnivals, house activities and academic extension opportunities, and in mixing it up with new fun too. They encourage participation in the ways that work for the range of abilities and skills of the kids. I’m also so impressed with the leadership skills developed in the kids. GSG does an amazing job of providing something for everyone; it’s just hard to find time to be involved in everything of interest!

I’ve always been impressed by the way the older children have activities in which they interact with the littlies; this adds to that family feeling. It’s a gorgeous campus with great facilities. The nature areas surrounding the school is a definite benefit to the kids too, feeling connected and safe in a very magic space. Being part of this close community for 14 years has meant a lot to our family, given that we do not have other family in WA. It’s more than just a school to us and will always hold a special place in our hearts. Kristina Fleming, Parent