Alumni Profile - Bridie Weaver (2017, Wilson)

We love hearing about what our Alumni have been up to since leaving school, especially as they reflect on the journey of forging their own path.

What have you been up to since you left school?

Since leaving school I have had a gap year and finished three years at Curtin University in a Fine Arts major. I have also been working at the John Curtin Gallery. I’m now finishing up my final semester on an exchange to the University of Tasmania, based in Hobart.

Has this differed from where you thought you would be when you graduated?

When I graduated, I thought I would be going to university to do film studies, but I changed my mind during my gap year. Now my art practice is a mix of both film and visual arts. I’ve been able to be flexible to include lots of my interests in my art.

What has been a highlight and a lowlight in that time?

One of the highlights of my time since school has been doing my Final Graduate Exhibition at the end of 2021. It was amazing to finally create something substantial from all the ideas I’ve had over the last three years and to share that with my friends and family. It was also one of the hardest years I’ve had since finishing school because of the huge amount of pressure and time that went into it.

Who has been your greatest influence?

Some of my greatest influences have been my tutors and friends at university. My tutors are all practicing artists and are all so passionate about helping us through our careers. They are very selfless people.

Future plans?

I’ll be finished my Undergrad very soon and I’m planning on working and exhibiting for a bit and then going back to do some postgrad study, maybe Honours.

Any advice for our Year Twelves?

My advice to Year Twelves would be to stick with the things you love or enjoy and really put energy into them. But don’t forget to not take it too seriously. Year twelve is important, but if you are really passionate about something you will find a way of making it work.

Read more about Bridie Weaver on her website - https://bridieweaver.com/page/1-Artist-Bio.html

Or follow her on Instagram: @bridie.weaver