Staff Spotlight - Ken Raven

Mr Ken Raven, Head of Junior School

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

There are lots of aspects, each enjoyable in their own way.

The sense of opportunity for students that a school can offer with different learning experiences and introducing new concepts into their life that they hadn’t considered previously. In a Junior School setting there are lots of ‘firsts’ for students and their families, that’s always a nice experience to share with people.

Do you have a passion project beyond teaching?

I genuinely do like learning, so I always have a project on the go. Sometimes the projects are school related, other times is family, but I’m always reading or researching, or taking a course of some description.

If you could, what would you most like to change in the world?

I think we’re quite fortunate in Australia generally speaking, so my wish for the world would be to have access to the kind of opportunities and experiences we enjoy everyday.

Staff Spotlight - Ken Raven